asks David Weinberger on his Joho the Blog prompted by the headline

Half of All Web Viewers Watching What The Other Half Has To Say

According to the just released Deloitte’s study on Media & Entertainment practice, looking at how American consumers between 13 and 75 years of age are using media and technology today, Millennials (13-24) are leading the way, embracing new technologies, games, entertainment platforms, user-generated content and communication tools. Data from the survey show that user-generated content is in tremendous demand across the generations, with 51% of all consumers watching and/or reading content created by others.

The study reveals how today people are using the web not only as a key information source but in increasing numbers also to contribute their own opinions. This will impact on how to communicate with customers, both new and existing in any business and any industry. The conversation is happening, you can either join it and stay relevant or stay out and become irrelevant.