is the issue addressed in CU Brand Blog a post on Currency Marketing.

From the evidence presented only a tiny number of credit unions are blogging and for others – how many is unknown – it seems to be on the radar screen but not a high priority.

To me the larger issue than blogs, is the one of how most CUs are looking at the web itself as a business driver today. It seems that many consider the fact that they now have had a website for a number of years as good enough and the issue of “the web” is ticked off on the to-do list. How many CEOs and VPs of Marketing do realize that merely having a presence on the web in the form of a static website is far from enough? My guess would be a minority, still.

Now that the web has entered the mainstream – and the more than 100 million blogs is just one manifestation of this fact – and social networking, social media, user generated content, viral marketing etc. are here to stay, the website needs to be at the core of any credit union strategy and by this I mean overall business strategy, not only marketing strategy.

Once this fact has sunken in, the question of whether having a blog is the right thing to do or not is then at least asked in the right context. As long as a truly customer focused web strategy, anchored by a solid, enterprise strength, interactive, dynamic website, is not at the core of a credit union’s overall strategy, talking about blogging is a mere side show.

With the web moving as fast as it is now and with consumer behavior being influenced in more fundamental ways than ever before, important decisions in this key area need to be made sooner rather than later.