reports Trendwatching in their latest newsletter is an umbrella trend that neatly captures the zeitgeist for mature (and rapidly maturing) consumer societies, while also incorporating and explaining many other subtrends. Yes, it will keep you busy. It’s a rather long read, but as always contains a lot of food for thought for any marketer in any industry.

“The EXPECTATION ECONOMY is an economy inhabited by experienced, well-informed consumers from Canada to South Korea who have a long list of high expectations that they apply to each and every good, service and experience on offer.

Their expectations are based on years of self-training in hyperconsumption, and on the biblical flood of new-style, readily available information sources, curators and BS filters. Which all help them track down and expect not just basic standards of quality, but the ‘best of the best’.”

And here are just some of the those many sources that people have at their disposal in their permanent search for information to support their decision making.